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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Benefits Of Lie Detection Tests

Polygraph tests or Lie detection tests are very popular in various fields as devices used to extract truthfulness of an accused. There are proven researches which reveal that a person's psychological behaviour changes according to the situations prevailing. While some can be made out, others are not visible to the naked eye. So an internal study has to be conducted to analyse the physiological changes. It is here that Polygraph tests are very useful. They use different devices which record the internal behavioral patterns during the test and measure the loyalty of the examinee. These were initially used in crime investigations and police interrogations. But these days they have extended their scope and have been spread to various fields like employment, forensic departments, security forces etc. To know more about how Polygraph tests are conducted and used log on to Let us understand where this test is used and its extent of reliability now.
Uses of Polygraph Tests:

The success rate of Polygraph tests is nearly 75% to 95% on an average. As far as the evidences go, if the examinee is a novice and the investigation is incident- specific there can be clear distinction between loyal and deceptive people. Though they may not be 100% true they can give you optimal results.

Helps in Security:

National security is important for any country. With illegal migrations and security threats becoming serious cause of concerns in the recent years, some bold moves like polygraph test have been made mandatory in security screening. But examiners should tactfully analyze culprits and genuine individuals as there is chance for loyal employees losing jobs and nations may also lose skilful labour in an attempt to provide protection to the nation.

Beneficial for employers:

 It can help recruiters in hiring efficient personnel to serve their company and giving way for genuine employees. It helps in catching hold of employees who try to cheat companies by providing illegal proofs and irrelevant certificates. In this world of frauds and cheaters, such an initiative is always welcome.

Uses in judicial settings: 

These tests are very useful in measuring individuals' loyalty in courts and magistrate offices. Lawyers and police officers usually hire people to direct them in crucial cases. If the incumbent officers themselves are unfaithful it is an utter ill fame to the whole judicial setup. Appointment of right candidates in the system not only curbs illegal practices but also enhances self esteem towards it by the public.

Detection of disloyalty: This test can be used to detect dishonest employees. They can be dangerous to the company at any point of time. Certain frauds like revealing business secrets can land a disloyal employee in trouble or even permanent loss of job. These kinds of malpractices by employees can be easily detected by professional polygraph examiners. Some popular websites like give a detail explanation on how Lie detection tests are done and how they are helpful in detecting mistrust.

Focus on targets: If Lie detection tests are made mandatory as part of anti-theft resolution by companies, it will help in eradication of unnecessary temptation towards theft and helps focus on business objectives.