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Friday, October 27, 2017

Get to know how the Tatkal Bookings work

Travelling by train is always fun and is a much cheaper way instead of taking flights which can be very expensive, or riding a bus which will most probably take hours before you arrive to your destination. but the problem is when you book at the very last minute which can always affect your travels because there are times where they are fully booked on the day that you are supposed to go. This is a huge problem and you should know the consequences. Luckily in India, they have these irctc tatkal booking timings where you can surely book a ticket the day before you are supposed to go.

There are factors that a person has to keep in mind if they are trying to book their tickets using the tatkal booking. For one, there is only a one-hour timeframe and the time depends on what class you are taking. Another is that they almost always go sold out within that hour which means your chances can diminish if yours is not approved and this could destroy your whole trip. You need to mind the regulations that India have when it comes to booking their tickets because it’s not only you that is riding the train.

What you should know about the Tatkal Bookings
Tatkal bookings work quite simply. You have to remember that you are only allowed to use this a day before you travel. Which means if you are going on the 10th, then you book your ticket on the 9th and you will arrive in your destination on the 11th. It is very simple if you look at it this way, but there are some things that made tatkal bookings difficult.

The starting time of the Bookings depend on your Booking type
There are two type or classes of booking. One if the AC Class and the other is called the Sleeper Class. You can only book your ticket for the AC Class from 10am to 11am only, while the Sleeper Class would start from 11am to 12nn. There are also agents that can help you with this but you will have to pay them for having to book and get your tickets for you. And there is also a difference with the booking time where they are allowed to book 30 minutes late. So the agents could book the AC Class at 10.30 am and 11.30 am for the Sleeper Class.

The Timings for 2017
Last 2013, the bookings would start at 8am for all classes and this usually lasts two hours each day. But then they changed it last 2016, and 8am became 10am to 12nn every day. Recently though, the heavy traffic or users of the train forced them to make a schedule for the different classes and they only made the booking last for one hour only because they are always sold out within only an hour, sometime within 45 minutes.

Tatkal Bookings is very convenient, but if you don’t book your ticket on time, then you will have to waste another day waiting for the right time on when you can book again. Make sure that you don’t face this problem by booking several days before and get yourself ready especially when travelling.