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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Free Online Time Clock for Employees

If you are an employer and you always find it very difficult to track the schedule of your employees as well as process their payrolls for them then you are lacking a lot in your business. This is because a reputable company in the United States called Time Clock Genie has thought it wise that in this era of technology, they should device an easy way for employers to be able to track the employees’ work schedule and payroll. As a result of this, they have developed a system or software that will help take away the difficulties you always face in terms of tracking your workers and processing their payroll.

This software is widely known as “Employee Time Clock”. This is a free online time clock for employers to be able to know every detail pertaining to when the employee reports to work, the time an employee closes from work, the number of hours that they spend on a job or with a client etc. Just as it was stated, the purpose of this software is to easy the heavy burdens that are mostly placed on employers when it comes to preparing payrolls as well as tracking the schedule and productivity of every employee. Below are some of the functions of this advanced but very easy- to- operate tracking software from

Enables you to Prepare Employees’ Payroll 

With the help of this free online time tracking software from Time Clock Genie, the time when you had to go through a lot of stress and time wasting just to prepare or process the payroll of your employees has long passed. This is due to the fact that, this software will help you to prepare the payroll of all the employees which consist of the their over time, gross salary, the number of hours each employee worked, and many other things like reimbursements, etc. with just a click. It is therefore without any doubt that with this kind of advanced and made-easy software, you will no more have to go through the kind of stress that you used to go through almost every month or week to prepare salaries for your entire employees.

Alerts you on Employee’s Schedule

This system includes a feature that is referred to as clock shield. When you activate this clock shield, it will go as far as sending you notifications on the specific time that worker comes to work and the time that he/she leaves the work environment. It likewise informs you through instant messages or e-mails when a worker reports late to work or when he/she reports ahead of schedule to work. In addition to that, it also alerts you on their movements, that is, it will inform you whether a worker is on work schedule or whether he/she isn't on the schedule.

Having the information about your worker will place your in the possible to be able to easily measure the productivity of each and every employee that you have and by measuring their productiveness, you are equally measuring the growth of your business. With this undisputed fact, I will beseech you to go in for this simple employee time clock from to help you to take your business to its peak.