Monday, November 27, 2017


It’s not easy to get followers on the Instagram nowadays when people are becoming very choosy, and there are lots of pages people go through every day. Instagram has over 800 million users with over 40 billion photographs uploaded, and this figure is growing with every hour of the passing day. If you happen to have a business and you want to have an Instagram account for it, here are some of the useful tips on how to engage your followers when you have reached to a certain number of followers, and you have to keep them active and involved on your profile.

Engage Through Posts:

This is a brilliant and a practical idea on how you can engage your audience on your Instagram profile. You must have seen posts on the Instagram where the post contains a question or review or ask for opinions from the audience. Yes, that’s what I am talking about. You just need to come up with a good idea of how you can engage your audience on your posts. You can ask them different questions, or you can ask for their opinions and views on a certain thing or even a product. You can also find out what product do your customers like the most.


I always talk about giving away free stuff to your followers, this works like a red bull for your Instagram! You get a boost of new followers and a lot of active users instantly. All you have to do is to come up with something interesting to giveaway to one or more than on followers of yours, and you need to set up some ground rules for that giveaway, you can ask your followers to follow some simple steps and enter into the contest. This will not only give your lots of active new followers, but your products and business will also be talked about in the other pages and among the audience.

Use The Right Tools:

There are a lot of tools available in the app market that you can have on your Instagram. These tools help you in posting stuff as well as finding the followers and people of your interest on the Instagram. Let's just say Combin is a great tool to gain followers on Instagram; Repost allows you to re-post any of the posts on Instagram on your profile. HootSuite helps you posting stuff on the Instagram you can schedule posts, and this app will post it automatically for you at the time you have mentioned.


Instagram has become an excellent source of entertainment as well as business for a large number of people. It's only on you how well you can handle it, the more you know how to handle it, the more you will get benefit from it. All you need to do is follow a strategy and understand your followers.