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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

13 Reasons to Focus on Affiliate Marketing in 2018

If you’re anything like most other business owners, you may become very overwhelmed when it comes to the number of marketing tips and tricks out there. With the advent of digital marketing, there are hundreds of potential resources available.  As you wade through the current options, make sure you take a hard look at Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is a specific type of performance-based marketing.  It provides a way for businesses to reward sales gained from consumers who have arrived at their site from an external link.

There are four parties involved in Affiliate Marketing:

·         The Retailer:  The businessselling the product.
·         The Network: Usually a separate entity that tracks the offers for the affiliates and transacts the payments.
·         The Affiliate:  The person or business that promotes the product, usually on a blog or other web presence, and provides a link to purchase the product.
·         The Customer:  The person who makes the purchase.

Affiliate marketing often intersects with other types of online marketing methods.  The affiliate marketersoften use other standard advertising methodslike SEO, PPC, Email marketing and Content Marketing.

As more and more people spend a large percentage of time surfing the web and clicking from site to site to site, it would be unwise not to take advantage of this relatively simple way to promote your products and bring people to your website.

As we move further into 2018, there are several reasons Affiliate Marketing is a good idea.

1.      Affiliate marketing not only brings your audience to you, but it also leaves the door open to generate passive income as well. If you happen across a potential partner or product, you can get behind, incorporating their brand with yours will bring a larger audience to you than you had before.

2.      Affiliate Marketing increases focus on customer engagement.  Customer engagement creates a better foundation for long-term success.

3.      Affiliate Marketing expands your mobile presence.  As the use of virtual and augmented reality gets closer, mobile advertising that utilizes this tech will become a huge draw for your current and future audiences.

4.      Affiliate Marketing provides diversification of revenue flow. Finding several niche products and development interesting stories around them will increase your engagement with your audience and deliver your products to them more quickly.

5.      Affiliate Marketing venues are always being updated.  Take Facebook for example.  The number one social media channel has also been at the forefront of affiliate marketing.  2018 is going to be no exception.  Facebook recently released even more features to help business owners gain more ground in affiliate marketing.

6.      Affiliate Marketingtakes advantage of our video addiction.  Whether is on YouTube, Facebook or other, we love online videos and arewilling to tolerate any kind of advertising in order to watch them.  This makes affiliate marketing on videos a sure way to get exposure to your product or service.

7.      Affiliate Marketing is often discounted by businesses as a via way to promote their products.  This means you’ll have an added resource working for you that your competition might not have.

8.      Affiliate Marketers will sometimes use less common techniques to promote your products. These may include creating reviews of your products instead of merely publishing the product’s general information. The use of reviews often creates an even higher click rate than general online advertising.

9.      Affiliate Marketing doesn’t blow your marketing budget out of the water to get started.

10.  Affiliate Marketing lets you sell your products and services without having to pay a full-time sales department. This will help you save money and give you more income to put into other areas of your business.

11.  Affiliate Marketing provides you with extra traffic to your site at no extra cost to you.  The advertising your affiliate marketers post to their sites links directly to yours.

12.  Affiliate Marketing increases your webpage’s search engine ranking. All those links going to your website helps increase its SEO. That increase means a higher ranking in organic search engine results.

13.  Affiliate Marketing is easy to maintain. Once you’ve gotten yourself set up, all you have to do is recruit new affiliates, wait for sales, and pay your affiliates. Everything else is handled by the software and network you’ve chosen.

As with any other advertising program, there will always be some risks involved.  Fortunately, with Affiliated Marketing, there are considerably less than the more traditional methods.With an affiliate marketing program, you can enhance your business with a system that has a relatively easy start-up process and practically takes care of itself. 

Affiliate marketing provides flexibility with control as you work to grow quickly and get your business off the ground. It is also extremely cost-effective and helps make sure you will not waste your money on expensive programs.

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