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Monday, January 29, 2018

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

Whether your new site is a passion project or a financial venture, it’s in your best interest to put some genuine effort into choosing the right domain name. If you want your site to reach as wide an audience as possible, you’ll need to put your thinking cap on when it comes to name selection. Fortunately, choosing a solid domain name doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Putting the following pointers to good use will ensure that you wind up with a name that reflects your site’s core mission, entices prospective visitors and sets the stage for lasting success. 

1. Brevity is Vitally Important

When creating premium domain names, it’s imperative that you opt for brevity. No matter how committed you are to your original choice of name, it has to go if it’s longer than three words. Web marketing experts recommend that domain names be between one and two words long, with three being the absolute max – and there are numerous reasons for this. For starters, typing long domain names is extremely cumbersome, especially for people using smart phones and other mobile devices. Secondly, the longer the name, the harder it is to remember. It’s no coincidence that many of the web’s most successful sites sport single-word names.

2. Nix Numbers and Hyphens 

The absence of numbers and hyphens is another core tenet of a good domain name. While it’s true that a number of popular websites utilize numbers and/or hyphens in their respective names, these sites are best viewed as the exception, not the rule. As is the case with overly wordy names, numbers and hyphens can be bothersome to type, particularly when paired with regular letters. For most smart phone users, this means alternating between keyboard settings, which can be highly inconvenient. With research indicating that attention spans are at all-time lows, site owners can’t afford to use domain names that are a chore to type.  

3. Use Words That Describe Your Site

The words used in your domain name should be reflective of your site and its core mission. For example, a site that sells specially-made cookware should opt for something along the lines of "CustomCookware.com". Similarly, a site dedicated to selling sports memorabilia may find success with something like “BuySportsStuff.com.” Additionally, plugging certain keywords into your domain name can improve your site’s search ranking, especially on a local level. To wit, a hamburger restaurant in Madison, WI would be smart to go with “BestMadisonBurgers.com” or “BestBurgersMadison.com.”

Domain name selection is not something that site owners should approach lightly. A poorly chosen name cansink a promising site, regardless of how much that site has to offer. With this in mind, no site owner can afford to overlook the importance of choosing the right name. Luckily, the formula for success is far from complicated. Creating a domain name that reflects the tenets discussed above will make your site easier to market, helps its chances with Google and increase its odds of being discovered by prospective visitors.