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Monday, February 12, 2018

Top 6 Data Center Collocation Considerations

Your server is the most important piece of equipment your company owns. Selecting the right data center or a collocation service provider is the most important for your business and their growth. Because your data’s security and privacy depends on it. These centers provide professional dedicated server rooms to house. There are six main considerations you should take when you select your data center for your business:- 
  1. Up time Service Level Agreement: Server access is a critical and short term interruption can have future cost. Many collocation centers offer their customer 100% up time guarantee. Reliable or flexible network connections are essential for fully access. A collocation centers uses many of ISP’s and multiple WAN connections for creating a reliable network through high network traffic or physical damage of connections. Many software changes can lead to downtime. A collocation center has experienced personnel who can understand that how a network can manage safely.
  2. Power Distribution and Management: Data Center are the main unit of utility companies. Sometimes, blackouts are the main reason behind the server shut down. Many agencies and IT department use UPS but their role is not to manage the server functioning, but allows the system to shut down safely.
  3. Protection of Data: Data centers use many software and hardware for protecting their data or system from network intrusion and malware. Colocation centers used the economical scale for the most affordable application. A collocation center is like a bank where it provides a level of security
  4. Natural Disasters and Fire: Data Colocation Center provides the safeguard from any natural disasters or fire. It prevents us from any damage from serious problem or disasters. Colocation Center provides the smoke detection with specialized fire equipment.
  5. Green Server Rooms: Data centers use the 8% of total power generated. So collocation centers are designed to house server farms are structured to deliver the maximum cooling for minimum energy. It allows the low cost cooling and keeps the temperature for long term operation.
  6. High Quality IT Staff: Without a good team, data centers cannot running properly. Many organizations don’t know that how to find good IT staff and hire unexperienced applicants. Colocation managed services offer the experienced IT team. Colocation Center managers hire the dedicated and experienced staff and enough people for all time duty to respond the problems.
  7. Scalability: When you thought for expending the business in future, so check that the current data center is sufficient to meet the long time business need. Also take knowledge about what reliable hosting plan, they offer.
  8. Environment Friendly Practices: Data Server Colocation facility is designed and operated can have a big impact on that how energy efficient it is. It is possible that equipment will not always keep at minimum operating temperature and humidity.